Next month will be my 1 year anniversary….living here in Jackson. A lot of things have transpired since. One thing I did was leave the past in the past. All the disappointment, hurt and a anguish is over but not never forgotten.
A lot has happened over this past year…..I lost some people who I thought were friends, allies can say about that is, lesson learned.

My family is slowly getting back on track. Raising teenagers alone is no easy task. This Mama thing is incredibly challenging.

I’m one step closer to becoming a #1 Best Seller list (I believe in speaking into existence). My YouTube Series is doing great. I’m working harder on my brand this year because of last year.

1 year later and life is a little sweeter. It feels good to have overcome so much and be able to appreciate every blessed day that was better than the last.

Are You Happy?


Are you happy? Take a second and ask yourself that question.
Well? Are you?
Think about it…….
Have a wonderful day!

Sometimes you just need a Cocktail!


Every once and a while we need to take a breather, from our day to day life.
I took a much needed “breather” the other night after work.
I’ve had so much going on these past couple of weeks. All I can say is God is good.

It’s easy to let things stress and way you down. There are days, I’m sure you feel like “wtf” what’s going to happen next? We all have.

It’s called LIFE……

You, my friend are bigger than your problems. You own them they don’t own you.

Life can get hectic at times but I like to have a cocktail and shake it off. Get back to work and continue to grow.
This to Shall past🙏

Living Life to the Fullest…….

Living Life to the fullest has many rewards. Truly enjoying your life even with the ups and downs can lead to much better existence. I figure if you’re blessed enough to wake up in the morning, you have a responsibility to make your world a better place. There are a lot of things you can do to make your daily activities more exciting.

1. Get on a schedule, stop wasting your day doing nothing.

2. Make an effort to say or do something nice for a stranger.

3. Refrain from idle gossip

4. Take on a hobby, join a book club or learn a new trade.

5. Get Organized

6. Make new Friends

7. Know that your blessed!

So…I’m Back to Working Out……

I’ve finally accepted the fact that I CAN NOT eat whatever I want or Drink like a fish without consequences. I started back walking, which by the way is my go to lose weight remedy. There was a time when I didn’t miss a day rain or sunshine. I’m on a mission.

What a difference a Year makes

What a difference a Year makes

So I'm Back Working Out...

So I’m Back Working Out…


Organizing My Closet

So, I’m the middle of organizing my closet. Although its a walk-in closet, there’s not that much space or maybe I just have to much stuff! As you can see I’m trying to make room for everything and still have a functioning closet. The final results coming soon…..



Organizing My Closet.....

Organizing My Closet…..


Products I Either Love or Just Trying Out…..

I Experiment a lot with Makeup....

I Experiment a lot with Makeup….

I'm a Lip Gloss Addict!

I’m a Lip Gloss Addict!

Finally found the right Edge Cream :-)

Finally found the right Edge Cream :-)

My Absolut Favorite Products.... Nivea, Silk Elements, Argan Oil, Nair etc.

My Absolut Favorite Products…. Nivea, Silk Elements, Argan Oil, Nair etc.


Back To Work

Back To Work

You’re Beautiful Bartender is back on the clock Tonight! .69 Cent Wings and Karaoke at Last Call!
Come See me!

Writing Zone

Sleep Vs. Career Kinda Night…..

Calling My Name....But! Gotta Work

Calling My Name….But! Gotta Work

Just Be Real

Video by Ms. Nikki Lynch star of Sex & The Single Mom


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