Working Out & Eating Right 😳😁

Slowly but surly getting back on track. I want to see 37 in my best body. I’ll be posting  some new recipes I’m trying to keep eating healthy good! Check out my Instagram for my foto blog.   What are you fitness goals? Nikki

Common Denominator 

Today,  we’re  going to talk about “the common denominator”  whether it’s work, family or a relationship, if it’s bad or good there’s always a common denominator.  Let’s just say you’re caught in a love triangle❤️🔺💔😔…… Where you and another are dealing with the same person. You both seem really vested in your three way love […]

When you’re no longer a victim………….

in a bad relationship/ friendship or situation. It comes a time where you stop being a victim of abuse, disrespect and mistreatment and happily or not so happliy become a willing, participating volunteer. when someone constantly has made you feel like they don’t care about you or your feelings, then by all means believe them. […]

#1 or the Only One {My new eBook}

From #1 or the Only One
3) The Proud Side Chic
These types will go above and beyond for a man that doesn’t belong to them. Proudly sleeping with someone else’s man.
For some, it’s cute….believing they’re superior over another woman by being with her man. Settling for bare minimum just to feel loved and wanted. A woman like that will always make it a known fact that she’s creeping with your man. Why? Because she’s proud!
Proud of being second best, proud of getting less than they’re worth. It all boils down to self-esteem and the love you have for self.

Turndown for What?

These days, people seem to be more interested in make believe than living their true life. Status has become more important than stability. Chicks would spend their last on a designer trinket just to post it on IG, Twitter and FB but haven’t paid the first bill or purchased a single household item. Guys will […]


Next month will be my 1 year anniversary….living here in Jackson. A lot of things have transpired since. One thing I did was leave the past in the past. All the disappointment, hurt and a anguish is over but not never forgotten. A lot has happened over this past year…..I lost some people who I […]

Are You Happy?

Are you happy? Take a second and ask yourself that question. Well? Are you? Think about it……. Have a wonderful day! 💋Nikki

Sometimes you just need a Cocktail!

Every once and a while we need to take a breather, from our day to day life. I took a much needed “breather” the other night after work. I’ve had so much going on these past couple of weeks. All I can say is God is good. It’s easy to let things stress and way […]


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